The very last post and a new blog

Yes it is.

After my public meltdown on here a couple of weeks ago, I found that I still needed to blog, but I couldn't do it here.

I think that autism has a lot to do with that: the early years of this blog largely became the story of how this family struggled to adapt to my son's challenges post diagnosis. Then I vowed not to write about it anymore, but it kept creeping into my posts, as it is still completely central to family life and how we live it.

Autism became the elephant in the room on here.

I can't write about it, but I can't write without it.

So I've started a new blog. It's a personal blog and it will feature Smiley, but there will be no mention at all of autism.

If you're still interested, please contact me at and I will give you the details.

Less blogging, more caring

The last ever 'Poor Me' post on here, I promise...

Another blogging friend announces she's quitting and this blog sinks again in the tots 100 blogging index. I seem to have lost my way, lost my confidence and even lost my interest in writing. Nor can I keep up in with the relentless changes to blogging and social media.

I still jot down ideas, thoughts and even whole paragraphs, but rarely have the urge to write it up. I just wonder if anyone will be interested in the now very crowded blogosphere. Unless I promote it to death of course and that's not my style.

I still like doing the reasons to be cheerful posts each week as well as writing about Netflix, and there will always be a place on here for others to tell their stories, even anonymously.

But that might be all, because sometimes this blog feels like yet another pressure in my life, especially the need to be positive and find the 'blue sky'.

I know I'm becoming bitter and I know that's not attractive, and I need to leave it off the blog. Yet this used to be a place where I could offload so I can be cheerful in real life. Now I have to offload somewhere else.

My blogging also means that people assumer that I must have lots of free time, especially as I'm no longer in paid employment, when the truth is that I am very rarely alone at home, even on 'school' days. Normally one of my children is at home and needs my attention. And the things I do? Like blogging, Facebooking, watching Netflix, jogging, the gym? The main reason I do them is to prop up my mental, emotional and physical health so I can get up tomorrow and do it all again.

If you asked me what I want to do, I wouldn't have a clue, I no longer know what I like or what I want.

I told you I was bitter!!!!

Anyway, there will be no more misery on this blog, just the good stuff or coverage of specific issues. Or there may be nothing at all. Less blogging, and a lot more caring. We shall see.