The Bed

It's funny how appearances can be deceptive. I must've looked like a typical yummy mummy sitting in Costa in my work out gear on Monday morning surrounded by shopping bags. Apart from the other bags. The ones under my eyes.

But I digress. The bulging bags were full of cushions and throws from Penneys for my new bed. Wonderful I hear you say. Well in a way. I did enjoy the shopping, I even enjoyed putting the bed together.

But the reason I need one is all about my caring role. Smiley often needs me in the night and despite a baby monitor turned up to full, I'm so tired all the time, that I often fall straight back asleep when she calls me, especially as she generally chatters or laughs instead of crying. Then if I do stay awake I find the trek up and down the stairs in the middle of the night exhausting, and I'm only going to get more tired as I get older. So putting a bed downstairs seemed like a clever plan.

I'd been idly looking at sofa beds on-line, and taking measurements and worrying about what would work in the space, and then I saw it: a fellow blogger with a day bed that she no longer needed. Once I'd waved the tape measure around a bit, I didn't hesitate.

You know me, I have a terrible tendency to say yes to things without thinking them through. But on this occasion, it was the right thing to do and three days later I was heading across the city with my van to collect the partly dismantled bed, all the bits in labelled zip lock bags, so nothing could go wrong. And nothing did.

Okay, okay, so you can still see a label in the photo hanging off one of the cushions, and the throw I bought is not quite big enough, but it'll do for now.

Especially as it is *gasp* in the kitchen.  Yes, I will be becoming a modern day Cinderella, in order to sleep as close to Smiley as possible, but not in the same room.

A couple more things need to happen before I can move downstairs. In the meantime, my eldest and youngest are already using it to lounge on and I am enjoying their company. Who knows, when they see everything I do, they might even offer more help!

I also have a nice corner and I think this bed is going to make our lives better and easier in all sorts of unexpected ways...


  1. It looks lovely. And is a sensible practical solution. It tires me going in and out to H and I don't have to go up and down stairs so I can only begin to imagine how exhausting it is. Xxx

  2. Very clever and pretty! Our team motto at work is 'are we doing this the simplest way?' And if not why not?! Do what works for you. Jen x

  3. Seems like a great solution to me, and you definitely deserve to be comfy and get more rest. x

  4. I love this! We always ask "what works best for us" and this sounds like it is spot on for your family! Enjoy!!

  5. sometimes it is incredible how changing one simple thing can make a huge difference to daily life. The new bed looks wonderful and i hope it really helps. x

  6. The bed looks great and fits in well. Hope you sleep well in it and it makes like that little bit easier. Very tempting to lie down and just crash out 😀 xx

  7. I'm very much in favour of challenging the traditional way we use our spaces and finding what works for us as individuals. Enjoy your new arrangement xxx

  8. What a fabulous plan. Anything to make life easier.... and it looks great. xx