Reasons to be cheerful 29.7.16

We're back on the rollercoaster here, with hopeful ups and devastating downs, but at least the ups mean I have some reasons to be cheerful for this week.

The Sewing Machine

Through the power of blogging and social media, I have been offered a sewing machine, thanks to Helen at The Busy Mamas. Mending and making used to be a part of my life, and needs to be again: no-one makes clothes that fit Smiley perfectly and my hand sewn alterations do not work that well. Her leggings regularly split too, as they are not designed to hold adult nappies, and a machine sewn seam will surely last longer. Hopefully I will be able to design and make items that you cannot buy in the shops, such as the adult bed bumper I need to stop her side bars scraping lumps out of the plaster. And yes she needs side bars to stop her rolling out. I might even get out my mother's old sewing book that I've kept for years 'just in case'....

Beach Wheelchairs

Doing a clear out of the attic and finding Angel's old wetsuit - just in time for Smiley to try out the new disability beach wheelchairs now available at beaches in the Dublin area.

Running with my daughter

It was toe in the water stuff. Just 2.5K, but running (slowly) while pushing an adult in an adult buggy certainly felt like a good workout! I will definitely do more of this. I enjoyed it, she enjoyed it, we both got medals, and I didn't have to feel guilty for leaving her at the weekend. So it's a win win. Now I just need to find some more fun runs that allow wheelchairs to take part.


One of Angel's friends popping over and bringing cake! On the same day that Angel insisted on bringing back Prosecco from the supermarket because "you only live once, Mum".

Trips Out

A lovely visit to Malahide Castle with my son. It looked pretty even in the rain.

Head on over to Mummy from the Heart for the reasons to be cheerful linky, and have a great week.


  1. Fab reasons. Oooh, I have been to Malahide Castle. Such a lovely place to visit... and as for the restaurant and shop.. divine! xx

    1. Oh yes, we love the Avoca restaurant and shop too, only time to buy the teen a sausage roll on this visit sadly! xx

  2. Ohh such good news about the sewing machine and nice that you can start to make things that suit yoru family needs. Mich x

  3. Malahide castle looks so romantic - that's a great photo. I look forward to seeing your designs and sewing results. There must be a business opportunity for designs for people in wheelchairs?