Overtaken by events

Despite the chaos in the kitchen, I am actually still smiling. It's been an eventful week, and the detritus of it all is still cluttering up the counter tops. But in between all the head-wrecking stuff, I found time to meet friends when I had a free hour on Wednesday morning, and brought Smiley to a coffee morning on her Friday off in aid of a local autism charity that has supported us. Smiley was in cake heaven, but manage to confine herself to just three, and I bagged the best raffle prize ever.

My son is battling a throat infection, which seem to resemble man flu. I'm sure you can guess how that goes. In related news, there's been a few mad dashes to the shops for medicines, exam papers and revision aids.

Smiley won over the orthopaedics team when she giggled her way through her latest set of botox jabs. What's a few needles when you can have a whole team of people paying attention to you? Hopefully the botox will help with her tight muscles, and to ensure she gets the best results, I have to do a lot more stretching. I was advised to fight for extra home support to help with this, but I haven't had time to even think about doing that.

She also did really well at her speech and language assessment, and I need to learn Lámh (an Irish sign language for the learning disabled) and start consistently using a version of PECS again - it looks like the iPad is not going to work as a communications tool for her because her severe disabilities mean that she cannot swipe properly.

I *may* have fixed the fridge-freezer, at least for now. The Samsung engineer told me what to do over the phone for free (because he said he didn't know when he could get out to me). It meant eating the contents of the freezer, a task that proved impossible: there's only so much frozen fish and spinach that anyone can eat in one week. And as for the chicken nuggets, they really are the food of the devil and I'm never buying them again (famous last words).

I harassed Irish Water over the brown stuff coming out of the taps on Thursday and got an explanation and an apology, which certainly helped. But the technical support is basically a call centre, they can't tell you what is wrong or when it will be fixed. I've had brown water twice in recent months, without advance notice either time -- there always used to be warnings of water problems, didn't there?

And today? Well Angel aced another exam. Meanwhile I was the taxi driver who got her there and back, basking in the warm glow of her success. Today was also about toast. Toast for lunch and toast for dinner. Luckily I chose muesli for breakfast or I'd be very 'browned' off (my son would be proud of that pun - the worse they are, the better they are. Apparently).

So not a bad week really, though any hope of blogging got overtaken by events, and I've definitely earned a glass of wine. Time to open that bottle of Chardonnay..


  1. A timely bottle of wine to celebrate the exam results? Or I wouldn't blame you if you just kept it to yourself for a nightly dose of relaxation. I wish your son better. xxx

  2. Wow, good win! And it sounds like a happy, if busy, week :)

  3. You have indeed earned that Chardonnay, enjoy every drop :)
    Nicola x

  4. Is the issue with swiping a matter of motor skills or of not understanding what it does? If the former then surely there are communication tools that don't require it -- there must be lots of disabled people who would find swiping difficult.

    Then again I never liked the move towards streamlining and eliminating buttons for its own sake. The first smartphone I bought had about six or seven buttons on the front including a trackball (the HTC Hero). The next only had three. The iPhone and iPad only have one. I've never found rolling my finger round the screen (even with magnified text) anything like as accurate as using the trackball. There is an assumption that one size fits all. I do know disabled people who can't use a touch-screen; they have to have a physical keypad.

    1. It's her lack of motor skills that seems to be the problem: she can use certain apps, such as piano ones, but that's about it. She works best with switches as they are simple to use, and also eye pointing. But she does have to be motivated.

  5. Brilliant catch up....and what a lovely prize to win! Sounds like a busy and productive week. I do hope your fab son is feeling better. This week is my son's turn for being ill! xx