How David Bowie helped me feel more cheerful

It's always sad when someone dies, but I wasn't David Bowie's biggest fan, though I love a couple of his songs - Rebel, Rebel, and Heroes, in case you're interested - so I was shocked to find myself in floods of tears on Monday when I heard the news. And it hit me that crying like that was something that I just don't do. Lately it's taken all my energy to just keep going and the slightest stress seemed to be pushing me over the edge. This did not impress my children, who always seem to be more empowered when I appear happy and capable. My tears were a wake up call, and an hour later I left the doctors surgery with a full prescription. Within 24 hours I was told I looked better, so it was obviously the right thing to do. Like most people I find it very hard to admit that I'm struggling, but many people need a little extra help at times. Including me. So getting help is my first reason to be cheerful for this week, and I've found a couple more too:

It's all over for the snails.

I've had a snail problem for years. They were everywhere, especially underfoot in the wet weather, so most days they'd be holding snail races up and down the path. The neighbours warned me about them, but I just kept their numbers down, I didn't solve the problem. Apparently they love this pretty purple flower, which flourishes in cracks to paths and walls and especially drainpipes

Then I spotted some damp on the living room wall, which grew and grew and grew.

I thought it was due to another set of cracks in the outside wall, that I filled in feeling smug and competent.

But it didn't stop the damp.

I rang my contacts, but everyone was too busy. Finally I rang my window cleaner. Yep, I know that sounds strange, but he solved a house problem for me before.

His diagnosis? It was the snails wot done it. The snails that had colonised my drainpipe with its covering of pretty purple flowers, and cracked it all the way down...

So now I have a shiny new drainpipe and hopefully a nice dry living room very soon.


Once again the books were abandoned due to my inability to concentrate on anything more taxing than Netflix. So I knew that things were improving when I felt relaxed enough on Wednesday afternoon to read a book for half an hour while waiting outside a special needs appointment. Hooray!

Hope you have lots of reasons to be cheerful too.

Ojo's World


  1. We all struggle at times and like you, I know I need help when the tears come at the slightest thing. I do know of a man who totally broke down at the sight of a manky tomato in his fridge. Glad to hear you're feeling better. X

  2. Well done for getting to the doctors, it's never easy to admit that sometimes it's all a bit overwhelming. Glad you're feeling a bit better.
    And pesky snails! Well done your window cleaner X

  3. I am glad that you realised the tears were.... disproportionate? And that you got a little help. And now you can even have a relaxing read! One of my favorite things to do so I'm glad you can enjoy it a little too. And goodbye to those snails!
    all told a very productive week ;)

  4. So glad you went and sought some help and how fab that your window cleaner could be the answer to the damp issue! Mich x

  5. Glad to hear you went for help, that can be such a hard thing to do. Hope the snails stay away! x