When you need an "inspirational" post...

When times are tough,

And the road is hard,

No end in sight,

No time to pause,

No chance to turn back or turn off,

Make each day a fresh start,

And wipe the slate clean.

Yesterday is gone, it's done, it's set.

No matter what the challenges, what was said, what was done.

Who was hurt and how and why.

So put a smile in your voice as you greet the day.

Because you never know,

Today could be the day,

The day that everything changes.

Inspired by something I read on Facebook


  1. I feel your hurt and upset through your words and I certainly hope that this day was a good start to a new beginning. ((xx))

  2. Life can change in a moment. Each day, regardless of how bad, I celebrate we all made it through. Great post.

  3. This is beautiful. It's so important to be kind to ourselves and to start afresh each day.