Gone Girl Gone: A Guest Review of the Mia Tui Minnie Amelie Bag

Something different today: a dear friend and published author, Patricia McAdoo, has written a review in her unique style of one of my favourite bags: the Minnie Amelie from Mia Tui.

Gone Girl Gone

Once upon a time there was a very muddled girl. Whenever she had to do the early morning school run, she would rush bleary eyed through the house wailing, ‘Where the hell are my car keys gone?’ And if anyone tried to help by asking where she might have left them, she would snap ‘I don’t know do I? They’re just gone!’

When she reached the top of a busy supermarket queue, she invariably dived red faced into her bag as people behind her shuffled from foot to foot and the checkout guy tapped his fingers on the till. She would smile a faint smile and mutter: ‘I just know my card’s here somewhere but it seems to be gone!

At an important work meeting her phone would suddenly and shrilly ring and of course she would then have to extract her make up bag, car keys (they always appeared whenever she didn’t actually need them), hundreds of shriveled receipts and sad little tissues in front of the entire senior management team. ‘I’m sorry.’ She would stutter as they stared at the pitiful contents of her life. ‘My phone’s obviously in here somewhere but I don’t know where it’s gone!’

And then one day everything changed. She got a present of an Minnie Amelie Mia Tui bag from her worn out family. She carefully transferred her makeup to the makeup bag and her phone to the phone holder. She placed her car keys on the clip for keys and her wallet in the mini bag. She even put a bottle of water in for her next meeting and all her clean tissues in the other clear bag.

Then she went out to conquer the world which of course she did because for the first time in her life everything was exactly where she expected it to be. She got the kids to school in the morning on time and without any hitches. She sailed through meetings with her phone dutifully on silent and, because she was more organised, everything in her frantic mixed up life became a lot easier to manage.

The only tiny glitch was a recurrent nightmare she began to have that one day she might actually lose her Mia Tui bag and get catapulted straight back to being ‘Gone girl’ again. So, just in case that ever happened, she quietly invested in a backup Mia Tui bag and wrote down the place where she had put it and put the note on the kitchen noticeboard and promptly stopped having the nightmare.

And so now when she finds herself in a supermarket queue behind a red faced woman rummaging in vain for her credit card, she smiles at her (with only the slightest hint of smugness) and takes her bottle of cooled water from the insulated water container in her bag and her notebook for project ideas from the front pocket of her Mia Tui bag (she’s always thinking of ideas now her mind isn’t so frazzled) and settles in for a long wait.

Patricia McAdoo is currently finishing her latest novel and I'm really looking forward to reading it.  Click here for her website and blog.

Mia Tui and Me

I was never a bag lady, just a one-bag woman.  I couldn't deal with the hassle of matching them to the outfit of the day and then making sure I had everything in the chosen bag. Of course that meant that my one and only had to be absolutely perfect, and shopping for a new one was always a nightmare.

And then I found Mia Tui, thanks to the lovely Lisa Maree Domican.  I began with a Grace bag, and gradually collected more, because it's so easy to move the contents from one bag to another with the Mia Tui system.  I'm now completely obsessed and have all the bags that I could possibly need, so when Mia Tui offered me a free one to review, I naturally offered it to the first friend who expressed an interest.

And here is the obligatory interior shot of my current everyday bag (a Matilda Mae) and it really does look like this all the time.


Mia Tui provided a Minnie Amelie for review, which I gave to Patricia.  Her views are her own.

The Facts Bit

Mia Tui bags were launched in 2010 by busy working Mum Charlotte, as a result of being unable to find a bag to meet her needs.  The collection ranges from small cross body bags to weekend bags and prices start at just £10. They have won many awards and are available to purchase on-line from the website MiaTui.com.


  1. I need these bags!!!! And the prices are fantastic. I was sure you were going to say they cost hundreds. Off to check them out (would make a great Christmas pressie for my mam too!)

    1. I've been buying them for presents for anyone I can think of :)

  2. No way, I'm reading Patricia's book at the moment, amazing! Great review, love the look of those bags.

    1. That's amazing Joanna, I'd say she will be delighted to hear that :D

  3. This reminds me of an embarrassing moment last week in the supermarket queue while I was looking for my credit card (no lie!). I eventually phoned my husband to come and help me, but would you believe it, I found the bloody card as I was talking to him!!! He was not pleased! I really think I need Mia Tui bag, will save all my problems. Great reviews.

    1. Maybe you could promote them in South Africa? I'm sure there'd be lots of demand x