A Rainy Day in Dublin

This morning for the first time in weeks I had no kids, no appointments and no sickness. Even so, it was midday before I had finished dealing with the urgent emails, and stopped faffing around on Facebook and twitter. By then, serious cabin fever had set in. But of course today Dublin is due to get almost a months worth of rainfall in one go...
You wanna go out in that!
What to do? It's too cold to walk, so I dug out my waterproofs and my camera-that-is-really-a-mobile-phone and headed out for a run. I'm not the best photographer in the world, but this is a selection of pictures taken on a rainy day in Dublin...
Not deterred by the rain
Also not deterred!
Battling the elements..
Looking better in the rain
I like the rain
Me too!
Pink Snow
Bluebell wood
Five minutes from my house...
So there you have it...the last two are a little blurry as I tried desperately to protect my camera (phone) from assault by the relentless rain.  Now all I need to do is warm up!


  1. It's just rained and rained (and been stupidly freezing) all day here today but at least it gives me time to catch up on all my favourite blogs :)

    The photos are fab my dear xx

  2. What an amazing phone.. it really takes wonderful pictures! The bluebell picture reminds me of visiting my Nain in Bangor, North Wales... she had a little bluebell wood near her house.
    I don't envy you all that rain, brrrr!!

  3. @Heather Lucas - and it's lovely to have you back and feeling better I hope :) xx

    @Di - I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't mind the rain: it's the cold I can't tolerate!

    @Midlife SInglemum - believe it or not, the 'bluebell wood' is part of the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin as is the photo following :)

  4. Great photos. It was miserable here all day too. I didn't brave the rain or take any nice photos - I sat inside with the fire on, miserable old me!

  5. Bluebell Wood is fab. Well done on getting out the door and not giving in to daytime TV (or even worse - cleaning!)

  6. Great pics, makes me want to go back to your lovely city :) Glad you got some me time even though you were soaked!

  7. Great pics. Especially love the cherryblossom "snow" Hope you've warmed up now :) xx

  8. Now you've done it... I want to come back there... Funny I didn't mind the rain when I was in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland...
    I want to come back... great photos...

  9. Love the one with the snail. The only one not in a hurry!! X

  10. you shamed me!

    i stayed in and ate tea x

  11. Oh my God, that's with a camera phone? Is the grass really that green in Ireland?

    Dublin looks really beautiful - somewhere I'd really love to visit x

  12. @LittleMamma - I bet you weren't miserable and I'd say the fire was lovely x

    @Kate - you may have noticed by now that me and cleaning have a very rocky relationship!

    @lyndylou - Oh, I really hope you do come back x

    @Petunia - Thanks missus, am snuggled up in a hoodie now :) xx

    @Petra Rovere - Do, and let me know too - I love meeting other bloggers :)

    @Puzzled - That snail looks very happy doesn't he? x

    @northernmum - Oops sorry! x

    @Beadzoid - Bord Failte should pay me :) And yes I hope you do visit one day, even with all the current problems, Ireland is still amazing and I feel very lucky to have all this on my doorstep x

  13. My boy is melting down but I had to get a quick type in to tell you those pictures are stunning and beautiful!!!

  14. I hate running in the rain so well done you. My brother and my dad dragged me out for a run in it when I was home recently.....so not for me!! give me blue skies and sunshine anyday.....oh make that everyday here lol. xxx

  15. Great pictures; particularly love the one of the Acer (is it an acer?). The weather is awful though isn't it; hasn't stopped raining over here either. I got drenched just walking from the car to the supermarket. Deb

  16. Beautiful pictures! And to think all I saw when I was looking out yesterday was the rain! Of course, the toddler saw "muddy puddles" and an opportunity for some fun! :)

  17. Love pink snow (both the picture and your description).
    Just shows how a stroll in the rain can wash the cobwebs away x

  18. Barbara TherExtrasApril 26, 2012 at 1:49 PM

    Reminds me of Oregon, here we lived for 5 years. I wonder if OR & Dubli Re on the same latitude ... but not taking the time to check. ;)

    While living there I learned my mood is not affected by weather-a blessing, I think. Here in Texas the heat is a deterrent & many people use tradmills inside. But then no lovely photos.

    thank you for sharing a slice of your life
    Dublin is fascinating ( i read a lot of Maeve Binchy - do you like her - especially liked Firefly and Tara Road - is she a good writer about ireland )

  20. @Lizbeth Cole - thank you and hope the meltdown was short x

    @Helen - lucky you:) But I do like the rain, it's quieter out and so the city looks different with fewer people on the street xxx

    @Deb - I think it's an Acer, it's a gorgeous colour anyway x

    @Lisa - I loved the jumping into muddy puddles stage :). Well apart from the washing x

    @Donna - I certainly felt a lot better afterwards x

    @Barbara - I think you're right about the latitudes. I don't much Iike treadmills,I have a need to get outdoors :)

    @Floortime Lite Mama - so glad you like Maeve Binchy, she could probably be described as a 'national treasure' at this stage, she is very popular here and seems to be a lovely lady and yes, I've read quite a few of her books x

  21. wow. love the pics, and what a great idea to actually get out in the rain! i'm a great indoors kind of girl but you have definitely inspired me to go to our Bluebell woods tomorrow - thanks!

  22. @Steph - Oh I hope you do, bluebells are just do stunning :)

  23. Just read your post and have to say I absolutely loved the rainy day pictures! It's great to be able to see the beauty around you no matter what the weather!

  24. @fsmum - Thank you! I think I was inspired by all the posts on FB and Twitter about people curling up on the sofa for the day...so I decided to do something different :)

  25. A positive spin on a rainy day... that's what we should all do!