Good Samaritans and a DIY Success #R2BC

And they did over the past couple of weeks, during which I fought battles against various unpleasant germs and ailments affecting different members of the household, aspie anxiety over a very special 11th birthday, trekking back and forth to solicitors' offices, and changing broadband provider.  Just some of the things that I haven't blogged about during the past fortnight.  I've also had appointments every morning this week while the kids were in school: though today's was with the hoover...

But back to the good Samaritans.

Good Samaritan One

He pulled me aside when I was pushing Smiley back to the van in the underground car park.

"You've a flat tyre, " he said helpfully.

How can that be, I wondered silently?  My tyres have been protexed, which mean they should never puncture.  And my tyre wasn't completely flat.

My shoulders must have slumped because he hesitated and then he told me that he might be able to help. After disappearing for about 5 minutes he returned with one of these:

(No picture because I meant to buy one and haven't gotten around to it yet...)

Anyway it was a foot-operated air pump.  And it worked.  Within a few minutes I was good to go, and my good Samaritan advised me to purchase a pump myself.  It proved its worth the next day at my local tyre centre, as they were able to fix the tyre for €10. The person behind me in the queue drove in on a flat tyre and was quoted €80 for a new one...

Good Samaritans two and three

I may have mentioned before that Smiley is prone to constipation and last weekend she endured another bout that sadly was at its worst in Tesco.  I bought some painkillers but they didn't help.  I thought about abandoning the shopping, but some of the stuff I needed urgently, for her.  Her crying got louder and louder.  But I saw no judgemental looks.  Instead when I joined a queue for the till,  we were pushed to the front and others unpacked my trolley while I tried to comfort my child.  And then helped us out to the car.  I was nearly in tears myself at their kindness.

A DIY success

A small victory for me over something else that had me in tears of frustration: I fixed this when it wouldn't close after weeks of trying :)


And finally, thank you for nominating me in the MAD Blog Awards.  

MAD Blog Awards 2012

It actually does mean a lot to know that people like reading my stuff.

These are my reasons to be cheerful for this week.  Head over to Mich's blog to check out some more, and have a lovely weekend x


  1. Always good to realise that there are still some lovely people in the world. What a lovely #R2BC and congrats on the noms. Very well deserved and I truly hope you win. :) x

  2. It's lovely to read about your good Samaritan experiences, restores my faith in people! Congrats on your nomination and I hope Smiley is feeling better soon x

  3. Oh you had me crying with the kindness too! So nice when people are's nice to be nice is a message worth passing onto our children.

    I must get one of those pumps too as I got badly caught out recently too, not financially though TG as I had to drive on flattishtyre too!

    xx Jazzy

  4. @Beadzoid - Thank you :) Not expecting to get any further in the MADs but enjoying being nominated :) x

    @Mama OWL - Yes, I love it when people are genuinely nice x

    @Jazzygal - yes, being nice is defintely underrated (think I blogged along those lines a long time ago) xx

  5. Aren't people kind when you least expect them to ;-)

  6. Loving your kind strangers, it really does warm my heart.

    Wishing you a blessed week. Mich x

  7. That is a great R2BC post! Big congrats on the nomination!

  8. @Becky Willoughby - they are, and it's nice to celebrate it, cos mostly all we hear is the bad things that people do :)

    @Michelle Twin Mum - thank you Mich x

  9. Yay to random acts of kindness. Lets do more :)

  10. So lovely to read about your kind strangers. It was also a good reminder to me to be one of those kind strangers! x

  11. What a fab week! Doesn't it make such a difference when people go out of their way to help you.

    Congrats on the nomination - you were my call for most inspiring and I got Matt and my Mum to vote for you too :) xx

  12. @Suburbia - It's not something I've really practised - but then if anyone saw me and my troupe bearing down on them to offer help, they'd probably run a mile!

    @Di - It is :)

    @Heather Lucas - It certainly does to me, and thank you so much for getting so many people to vote for me! And the very best of luck to you too xx