Sunday, March 18, 2012

The joys of parenting a child with Asperger's Syndrome

As well a fair smattering of heartache, parenting a child with Asperger's Syndrome is also entertaining, interesting and laugh out loud funny.   And don't worry, the 'm' word will not even get a mention...

On Anxiety

"Are you really my Mum?"

After he loses sight of me for a few seconds when we're out.

"Mum, where are you?"

Almost every time I leave the room, unless he is particularly engrossed in some game.

On Hygiene

"I think my socks smell just fine.  It's other people's that smell horrible."

On Body Temperature

Him: "What are those pointy things sticking up on my arm?"  

Me: "They're goose bumps.  They mean you're cold."

Him: "Oh, am I?"

On Experimenting

Testing the range of his wireless mouse.  And yes it does work from the garden, but only if I sit at the computer for him and check what is happening on screen *sigh*.

On Questions that only Google can answer

"If you have a lazy eye, what do you see?"

"What shape is your field of vision, oval or rectangle?"

"How do you get a square film from a circular webcam?"

Why is laughter good for you?"

On Questions that only Twitter can answer

"Why are circular pizzas delivered in square boxes?"

A selection of the answers from twitter (just in case you're interested)

...A square box is made from one piece of cardboard with folds so it's not got the same weaknesses as a circular box.

...There would be no way to make a circular box from one piece of cardboard.

...It would cost more to make a circular box and it wouldn't be as strong.

...And they are not square because to make a proper pizza they spin the dough and you can't spin a square.

Well, who knew?

On Planning Ahead

It seems my son has a list of names for his cat. 

The cat he plans to get when he leaves home!

And finally

It looks as though he loves me too :)



Deb at aspie in the family said...

Such great questions; you just can't help but love our autistic children.

Happy mothers day to you and all your readers.

Deb x

Midlife Singlemum said...

Hilarious. And you got a lovely card - hooray!

Lisa S said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Di said...

I love that your son can fire lots of wonderful wacky questions at you. Happy Mother's Day... we don't have ours until May! :)

Truf said...

What a great boy you have there! And I came up with a few answers for the pizza boxes question (also, it is a far more efficient use of cardboard). Happy Mother's Day!

Barbara said...

This is fascinating, Blue Sky. His seeming need for your presence is, I expect, both a blessing & a curse. Do you see signs of him easing out of that need?

Planning ahead for naming a cat....looks like a great place from which to expand to other planning ahead ideas (frontal lobe development).

Looking for Blue Sky said...

@Deb - Exactly x

@Midlife Singlemum - you should look closer, it's so funny what he's written on it :)

@Lisa S - and to you x

@Di - and those are just the ones I can remember :)

@Truf - Sorry if I forgot yours

@Barbara - not yet, but I suspect that he'll just forget one day, so long as I don't make a fuss about it

Alex Ozansoy said...

These are absolutely fabulous C. Your accommodation of such random questions and requests is enviable. I am rubbish! Thanks so much for linking up to the BritMums Special needs round-up, it is an honour to have you my friend xxxx

Þorgerður said...

Love those questions :)

pinkoddy said...

I could so relate to that. Mine is 15 and got up early because it was mothers day but then wanted to just go on his computer - but 10/10 for effort.

Lora said...

you made me smile! Happy Belated Mother's Day, I hope that it was fantastic for you. You deserve it!

Lizbeth said...

I love it!!! And all I have to say is, "Thank God for Google and Wikipedia!!"

SAHMlovingit said...

Aw this made me smile...and I've learnt something new about pizza boxes :) xx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

@Alex Ozansoy - it's great to have you as a friend too xx

@Þorgerður - they're good aren't they :)

@pinkoddy 10/10 indeed :)

@Lora - I hope yours was good too x

@Lizbeth - I'd be lost without them!

@SAHMlovingit - you and me both xx

LittleMamma said...

What an insight into his mind! Love it. Such great questions. What on earth did parents do before the Internet?

Looking for Blue Sky said...

@Little Mamma - I have no idea what we did before the internet!