Since words aren't working I'm gonna give you pictures...And then I may take a bloggy break.  (But every time I say that I only last a few days, so we'll see) 

Many, MANY months ago, Heather at Note from Lapland started a meme that tagged bloggers around the world to find and photograph tat in their local markets.  I sulked until she added me to the list.  I had great plans, it would be a photographic project to keep me busy over the winter months.  And what happened? I visited ONE market.  But I did take some photos of other stuff that I found entertaining and liked.  So here for your amusement are...

This way!

Lovely Irish souvenirs

What do you do with this?

Did anyone actually buy this?


  1. Good bits of tat but why a bloggy break???? xx

  2. Hmm, I bought the TOWIE makeup. No seriously I didn't but it made me laugh. I don't even think my teenager would buy it.

  3. Don't stay away to long. Did I mention that I love your new blue skyed blog?

  4. @Di - well yes, I actually like the scare crow :)

    @Helen - I'm getting too caught up in it. I need to just step back and think about wat I'm doing xx

    @Deb - yes that was my favourite item too: marketing gone mad!

    @Midlife Singlemum - thank you, I think it works perfectly with the name :)

  5. Fab! and I don't think I've seen such a tacky haul since my childhood weekends spent down Cleethorpes beach. :Dx

    1. @Beadzoid - if you ever go back to Cleethorpes beach you should do a post like this :)