Time to be happy

After yesterday's misery wallow doom fest post, I absolutely had to come up with some reasons to be cheerful again.  They may be hiding, but they're always there.  It's time to be happy.

Angel on video

Finally, FINALLY, someone has videoed my daughter doing a series of backflips in training.  As essential skill for a gymnast, but not her favourite thing.  At all.  She won't be able to use the 'can't' word again anyway!  Sadly I am forbidden from posting it up here...

Saturday night

Complications around special needs (ie no respite) meant I had to cancel my day-time plans, but I'm should get out in the evening thanks to Angel and her friends who are going to hold the fort for a few hours.  Dublin watch out!

Aspie activities

Finally my son is listening.  After months of doing very little he has signed up to a number of activities this term which I'm hoping will reduce his anxiety: chess, art, tennis, science and Japanese...yes really!  

Running is the cure for everything

When I finally weighed myself two weeks ago and got my cholesterol results (6.7), I knew I had to take action.  But I don't do diets, they just make me feel miserable and deprived.   Well apart from one.  Hunger also has a bad effect on me - just ask my children.  I get snappy, upset, clumsy and then I start to feel faint and cannot focus on anything except food until I get some.  This was not good when it happened during lunch time business meetings.

Statins and supplements are giving me side effects, so what to do?  Well I only know of one alternative: exercise.  And I don't mean my old Jane Fonda videos.

I decided that I'd better start running again and seriously.  Running has helped me before, but in the past the received wisdom was that you had to have rest days, and you started by running just 2-3 times a week.  But I heard recently that the way to improve quickly is to run every single day.  Perhaps that might be the way to lose weight too?  So last Monday, as soon as the kids left for school I headed gingerly out the front door, checked that none of my neighbours were around, and wobbled down the road.  Eleven days later and look!  I've lost 6lbs.  A little bit of healthy eating was involved too: the boxes of chocolates are empty now after all.  But I think it's mainly the running, even though I've only managed to run on school days so far.  A leaner, healthier me must be just around the corner!

Submitted, as usual, to Mummy from the Heart for #R2BC


  1. Well Done great achievement! I'm not to far behind you although with my height I still look delightfully fat LOL

  2. Good for you - I'm still dreaming of 11st 2 1/2. Alas, I am not a runner.

  3. If the world were empty of other people, I might run properly too. I do it in little bursts. As soon as I see someone coming, I stop - and I'm always hoping there's no-one behind me. Not that I ever do it properly. I run twenty paces, walk twenty, run twenty, walk twenty . . .

  4. Yay! Well done to you on the weight gain and Aspie Boy on his new activities. Brilliant news all around. I'd love to see that video!!

    Enjoy your night out. Hope you're going somewhere nice :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Running has always been a great stress reliever for me. I'm glad its working for you, yay!!!

  6. Had a scary cholesterol result too :C and a 'high risk for diabetes' result so really need to do something. Not much of a runner and rarely find time to exercise (though can find time to drink wine!

    Hoping your success will inspire me. (being a lazy sod though, I doubt it) ;)

  7. That's some fantastic things for a week! And topping them off with a night out- hope you enjoy every minute. x

  8. I love this post (and sorry for neglecting you for so long! I just couldn't face blogging,or blogs, for a while).
    I am genuinely inspired to read your achievements. And I love your socks.
    Way to go girl!

  9. I hope you are out having a fab time as I post this! Well done on the running and 6lb loss - what a superb start.

    Mich x

  10. That's sooo cool!! That's something I've been trying to get into, but the only time I'd have time to do it is at 5am and I can't seem to kick my will power into gear!

    By the way, I'm really sorry, but I've tagged you in a meme. Please don't feel you have to do it! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  11. @TimeForChange - I'm really enjoying following your progress xx

    @Midlife Singlemum - do it for the #50club :)

    @Esther Montgomery - if you keep that, you should eventually be able to keep going without stopping: I'm at the stop-start stage myself right now

    @Jazzygal - is no-one looking? Then I'll show it to you xx

    @Lizbeth - another convert Yaaay !

    @IrishMinx - aww thank you x

    @LittleMamma - oh I find time to drink wine too lol

    @DebbieJJ - I had a ball :)

    @Jean - good to have you back and they're Smiley's socks which I borrowed to avoid showing my feet off tothe world as its something the world can do without xxx

    @Michelle Twin Mum - yes I was :) X

    @MarsupialMama - 5am would be pretty tough and thanks for tagging me, much appreciated :)

  12. BIG congrats on the running and effects! So true, so true. Exercise is the thing.

    Happy on all the other news, too!