Happy Holidays

The holidays have been happy, for the kids anyway.  We did very little in the end, but I have a few ground rules.  I have to make sure that there is some routine and that Angel is the only one still in a onesie at dinner-time.   

6am - no-one is allowed to get out of bed any earlier than this.  I'm looking at you aspie boy.

10am - all of us (except Angel) are supposed to be dressed and breakfasted by this time (looks at watch, it's 10.15 and we're not oops).

10-1pm - I run around the house frantically trying to do anything urgent - washing, dishes, phone calls - you know the rote.

1pm - lunch.  Like other meals this takes about 1 1/2 hours once Smiley has been fed (she mostly can't do it herself right now)  and then toileted.

3.30pm - this is the time we usually escape from the house.  I insist on a teeny bit of fresh air and exercise every day, even if it is just a walk to the post box or the local shop.  And we did manage a few proper outings - the Phoenix Park, the National Botanic Gardens and Dublin Zoo - as well as visiting friends.

6pm - dinner time when I tear out handfuls of hair metaphorically while trying to whip up 4 different tasty and nutritious meals for 4 fussy eaters.  Then it's more toileting, physiotherapy and the bed time routine.

8pm - I start putting Smiley to bed.  Physically it's demanding, but there's no upset - like any other teen, she loves her bed!  Though she still often calls me in the night.  Which is not so good.

8.30pm - bed time for aspie boy.  Lots of reminders about what he needs to do, followed by another few pages of the latest Harry Potter book, read by me.  Then I have to sit on the end of the bed while he goes to sleep.  This I find very stressful as I hate waiting!  The iPad is my saviour as it is completely silent. 

9.30-10.30pm - I slip out avoiding the creaky floor boards and head straight for the fridge or the kettle, depending on the day of the week you understand...

School starts back on Monday, and anxiety levels are rising.  Aspie boy has a new teacher, so there will be a new routine and some interesting times ahead.  I just hope he will remember how happy he has been during the holidays.

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  1. I enjoy reading about your day to day life and actually, I think it's important to show people the reality of living with special needs - how some of it is very difficult but how some of it is a matter of the daily routines like everyone else. Thank you for this.

  2. It's nice to know there are other families taking it easy like mine.

  3. Nice post Blue Sky, I also enjoy reading about your day to day stuff....
    Good luck with school, I really hope that it goes well.

  4. Phew. So grateful I'm not the only one who's not ready to go out til the afternoon! My boys go back to school tomorrow, and I'm going to miss those lazy mornings.

  5. You have very busy days Blue sky. I hope you don't mix up the kettle and the fridge some days as I tend to and that school goes really well for Aspie boy!

    Fingers crossed ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. I remember how tough school holidays were. Thank God for the MENCAP playschemes & the occasional learning disability nurse placed with us as part of their course. Sounds like you've got a great routine going. Exhausting though I bet!

  7. I love Angel's onesie :)

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous 2012 xxxxx

  8. Hope today went well - back to school is never easy at the best of times! After two weeks of a very relaxed routine here - this morning was a bit of a shock for everyone!!

    Impressed that you managed to get everyone dressed by 10am everyday!!

    The kettle / fridge scenario happens a lot here too!!

  9. @Midlife Singlemum - one of the interesting things about all the comments on this post is that is thst different people have taken different things from this, which is good :)

    @Jane - well the kids were taking it easy anyway...

    @Di - so far so good with school, 2012 is shaping up to be a much better year for my son.

    @Donna - hope the going back to school routine went well in your house too.

    @Jazzygal - no I'm not sure I'd know how to mix up the kettle and the fridge lol xx

    @Jane Gregory - thanks for getting it.

    @auntiegwen - she has a collection :) if you're in Dublin again I can direct you to onesie heaven xxxxx

    @Clive - hope all went well with going back to school for your charge :)

  10. I hope that the start of school went easily for your boy! Your holiday sounds much like ours...a routine without really being a routine..a relaxed routine? I hope that your holidays were lovely. :)

  11. @kathleen - I didn't really enjoy the holidays much as I don't like being stuck indoors and was missing my Dad too much, but the kids loved it :) My son is having a few wobbles this week, but nothing I can't handle TG x