So Minister, what job would you suggest for my daughter?

So who took a 46% cut in their income in yesterday's Budget?  Was it the wealthy?  Nope. Politicians perhaps?  Nope.  Or Bankers.  Wrong again.  It was young people with disabilities, who are no longer entitled to the full rate of disability living allowance (DLA) until they are 25.  And they get nothing until they are 18, but their parents will be entitled to claim the much lower domiciliary care allowance for a further 2 years.  This will affect Smiley, who will be 16 in 2012.  I was expecting that she would be entitled to DLA from next October.

For many households this cut will come as a bitter blow, but all of us with children like Smiley feel insulted that Ministers understand so little about the problems of our children.  Apparently at least one Minister believes that every young person with a disability is employable.  The DLA is being reduced to the same level as job-seekers allowance, now set low as this will apparently encourage young people to to take up training and employment.   Are there actually training courses for teenagers like my daughter, that will achieve what 13 years of intensive schooling has failed to do?  Equip her with the skills to go out and get a job?  My daughter who cannot talk, walk, is only partially toilet trained and whose main ability is making people happy?

And here is Smiley tonight playing with a new balloon...Minister, again I'm asking you what  job you would suggest for my daughter?


  1. I'm struggling to find the words for how I feel about this change. If an 18 year old decides not to further their education and go into the workforce they have far more options available workwise than a young adult of the same age who has a disability. Its almost as if the government is taunting the disabilty community with "equality" Shame on them...

  2. I think we should nominate Smiley for Dail Eireann. At least then there would be one person on Kildare St who could make people happy. And she could retire after one term with a lovely pension that wouldn't ever be significantly cut.

    I'm seriously upset at what the thinking behind this cut is. Do the current government think the rest of the population are so worried about themselves that they won't object o a cut in disability allowance? Please god they are wrong and people are affronted by this. Not just "our" people, but everyone. xx

  3. It is disgusting, the lowest of the low. I agree with lisa, people arent going to take it. Hopefully they will cop on and reverse the decision.
    I love the pictures, smiley was aptly named, she just melts your heart.

    We will fight this together

    aud x

  4. It is just disgraceful cuts to disability allowance. There is nothing fair about this budget if it was fair then everyone would have the same amount of pain, it seems easier I think to pick on the kids, the disabled and the widows. Bankers have a powerful lobby and the rich have connections at the top it seems.

  5. This is a shocking decision by a Government who CLEARLY shows a lack of understanding in the area of disabilities. It started with SNAs and has now come to this ridiculous, unfair and discriminatory decision. Rumours abounding today that they're having a rethink? Shamed into it... and I bet what you like that it won't be a total pull back either.

    Very well and succinctly put Blue Sky...

    xx Jazzy

  6. You know - i always thought the Irish made sure they looked after their sick and disabled and those who couldn't look after themselves. It seems, like the GB gov, they are hitting those who are least able to fight back.

    A generation or 2 back, we would have been told to "send these kids away" and forget about them. But we didn't (and i certainly would never have done). In doing so, we have save the gov money. The least they could do is help fund the services our kids need and deserve

  7. @Petunia - I think that the Government just 'forgot' about children like my daughter x

    @lisadom Grace App - Smiley in the Dail is such a lovely idea and then we really might have everyone behind us xx

    @aud - any excuse to put up lovely pictures of her x

    @Irish Mammy - no it's shockingly unfair.

    @Jazzygal - thank and I totally agree xx

    @Julie - yes we are saving the Government about €100,000 fer child/adult that we care for I believe.

    Thank you all for commenting and thank you also to the many many people who have read and shared this. I hear this lunchtime that this decision is now to be reviewed as a result of the outcry, which is fantastic news.

  8. Words fail me that they have once again made the disabled suffer. After David Cameron lost his son, he should be utterly ashamed of himself for putting that behind him so quickly and lining the pockets of the rich. I abhor our government, they are weak, arrogant and completely selfish individuals who haven't a clue what living the real world is all about.

    CJ x

  9. Makes me so mad. Sometimes I think they just get over excited about the 'inclusion' thing and then I realise...yep, they have no idea.

  10. It's disgusting, but I am all for a vote for Smiley campaign xxx

  11. I don't know what to say, I really don't. The only thing that I can think is that the people who are making these decisions are not in touch with reality. Anyone who would come across Smiley would be remiss to not give her everything she deserves. I don't know what to say...

  12. @Crystal Jigsaw - yes I was expecting a lot more from David Cameron, how can he have forgotten so quickly?

    @Suburbia - very true.

    @auntigwen - this could be the start of something xxx

    @Lizbeth - that's a lovely thing to say :)

    I must also thank my eldest daughter, Angel, whose idea inspired this post. And also to say that the thing that upset me the most was not the huge cut that was proposed but the idea that the Government could just 'forgot' about the existence of children and adults like my daughter, who really will never be able to work.

  13. The minute I heard it I said to my colleague, that's it I am out on the street marching. We can all have a moan but there is a line in the sand.....can't believe it has come to least they are backing down on one bit of it....but there are insidious and less obvious affects of austerity. Love as always to you, your writing and passion will influence and change things for the better. X

  14. The video in this post seems appropriate to mention here:


  15. I'm at a total loss for words's utterly disgusting. Makes me so angry how unfair this government is being to wonderful people like Smiley :( xx

  16. @Foxglove lane - And it was buried in the details, I only heard about it on Liveline and then to hear that Ministers were saying that they could all be working! The lack of understanding was breathtaking.

    @TherExtras - thanks Barbara

    @SAHMlovingit - the Government are being unfair to lots of people, here and in the UK I think :( xx

  17. @Floortime Lite Mama - It is heartbreaking, thanks for popping by again and commenting x

  18. What?! That is truly and utterly shocking! Though not surprising.

    That picture of Smiley is just too gorgeous though and a little distracting from the proper level of disgust. I see why she has that nickname!