Help twitter help premmie babies #Twitterxmassingle

So far I've watched from the sidelines.  I've done the odd retweet, but nothing more.  But helping premature babies is a cause very close to my heart, so I just had to blog about the #Twitterxmassingle.  If you live in Ireland and lurk on twitter you will know all about it, so please bear with me while I explain.  It started with a tweet, and an idea was born.  An idea that snowballed until one Sunday at the end of November, twitter users from all over Ireland gathered in Dublin to record a special charity version of 'Winter Song' in aid of the neonatal unit at the Holles Street Maternity Hospital in Dublin.  

Smiley was also born in a Dublin maternity hospital.  At just 26 weeks.  She was very ill and completely helpless, unable to breathe unaided.  Without the technology and the tremendous care and dedication she received for two months in a neonatal unit she would not be alive today.  And that goes for thousands of other children too.

You don't have to be Irish to buy the #Twitterxmassingle.  Or on twitter.  It's a great cause and a lovely version of the song, and it has a very good chance of becoming the Irish number one single for Christmas :)

So please help and download it today from itunes:


  1. I've not heard of this. As a mom who lost a child these things are near and dear to my heart. Thanks for the info. Off to i-tunes now!

  2. ALso had a premature baby - we were lucky she survived and has just celebrated her 8th birthday. very good luck with this - what a great idea x

  3. Good on ya for posting on this! Now to Rt it... and to download the song! I keep forgetting to do it!

    xx Jazzy

  4. @Lizbeth - thanks for your support x

    @Not a Notting Hill Mum - Delighted that your daughter is doing so well and thanks for commenting :)

    @Jazzygal - I just hope it helps xx