No-one told me I had to host a debs party...

I should have taken more notice.  I thought it was all organised.  Angel said she wasn't that bothered anyway.  She didn't really want to go.  Now, just 4 days before the event, the debs has become THE DEBS.

You see it's all new to me.  At my school we just had this dance thing in the school hall at the end of 6th year which involved learning to waltz and wearing a long dress, which I made myself .

This is something different entirely.  A stretch party limo has been booked - and even the mention of 'party limo' has me putting my fingers in my ears.  They are going to a hotel and the bus will bring them home again at 7am.  She has the dress and everything else has been ordered off EBay.  Every morning another parcel seems to arrive....

That was supposed to be all.  But now it turns out that the original plans to do a little send off for Angel and her pals at a friend's house are not going to work.  Instead my ex and his family are coming to my house to see The Dress, and presumably Angel as well.  Cue complete panic.  Since hearing this I have already cut the grass and waged war on the weeds.  But I have a busy weekend ahead and I was not born with the domestic goddess gene, so apart from baking brownies and cookies, what else should I do? 

There is one corner of the house where order is maintained : the hot press - or airing cupboard as they say across the sea - but I lose interest after that, and the ex-laws are not very likely to be looking in there.  But what will they spot?  How can I avoid looking like someone who wields a mouse more than a hoover?

Should I tackle the cobwebs in the cornicing or the dust on the door tops?  What would you do?

Update on my Dad : he is now in the hospice, and while he is not feeling great, he is happy to be there.


  1. Love your hot press, very impressed, whereas mine is out of site and mind. (disaster) My suggestion, get a friend to come around and do a quick recky around the house fixing stuff up as she goes......I have one pal who loves to clean do you? It's hard to ask for help but you deserve a fairy godmother, and she will make sure you have a ball! If not...... make brownies and forget it. X

  2. Sod the housework. If anyone expects your house to be a show-home then there's something wrong with them. The relatives truly want to see Angel, not come to give marks out of ten for your cleanliness.
    My house is awful, but the first few times my mum in law came to visit I stayed up til the early hours scrubbing and tidying, it was a mistake. It gave a false impression of my personality and lifestyle, now I just let her see the toothpaste-splashed mirror, piles of clothes, cobwebs and everything else. Her impression of me is the same.
    Enjoy it, don't sweat over it. They will have seen far worse houses from people who have the time and energy to keep on top of everything, but chose not to.

    Lucy x

  3. I think that you have enough on your plate with all that you have to do on a daily basis without worrying about the house!

    If they have something to say, then suggest that they might want to drop in and help sometime, smiling sweetly as you say it.

    Seriously though, you just don't need the stress, so just enjoy seeing your lovely Angel all glammed up. You don't want to miss a thing :)

    p.s. with my experience of hospices, I am sure that your dad will be enjoying the lovely pampering they will be giving him and the infinite care they give is second to none so he will be in good hands.

  4. I agree, you have enough to deal with to have to worry about domestic chores. Just try and enjoy Angel's glammed up day and take lots of pictures.

    PS I have an airing cupboard and it is the tidiest part of the house. Quite similar to yours.

    Deb xx

  5. Thank you for all your comments - I do feel guilty about my home, partly because I am lucky enough to live in a lovely old house which 'deserves' to be kept clean and cherished..

  6. No no no - a lovely old house doesn't 'deserve' to be kept clean. They are notoriously difficult to keep clean and cobwebs simply add character and charm I'd say. And as for the in-laws, I'd distract them with alcohol and hope they get too sloshed to care or notice! Have fun :D

  7. @LittleMamma- lots of booze is the best idea so far, thanks so much for visiting and commenting :)

  8. Don't worry, Angel will dazzle them with her loveliness. Much love to you and your dad xxxx

  9. @auntiegwen - and me too I hope. And love to you and your Dad too xxxx