I've found some reasons to be cheerful

I really need to take part in Michelle's Reason's to be cheerful weekly link up again this week. It's all about the good news, and yes I do have some!

1.  Angel's Debs.  She had a fabulous time, and was dropped home at 6.30am the next morning, happy, but in a good way.  And with apologies to my Facebook friends who have seen this already, here she is in all her finery before she left...

2. I finally got to collect my (nearly) new car, chosen because it cost me nothing to 'buy' and is wheelchair accessible and very cheap to run.  I have never been so unexcited about a car purchase in my life, but even though it looks quite mad, it's actually quite nice to drive...

3. Finally, if you see a group of madly excited mothers letting hair down in Dublin City Centre on Saturday night, it's probably the autie mums out on the town.....and I'm going with them :)))))

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Well you seem to have it all this week! New car, night out and a beautiful daughter!! You are very lucky and I am very jealous (of all 3)!! xx

  2. Glad you are finding things to feel good about this week.

    The car looks a lot like our Galaxy - big, boxy and corners like a marshmellow in mud but handles the caravan nicely so can't complain too much!!

    Have a great night on the town. I am home alone for two nights as John has gone off to meet up with the lads on a stag weekend. 20 of them let loose in Spain!! God help Spain is all I can say.

    :) x

  3. Hope you have a great night out!

  4. She is seriously and wonderfully gorgeous and will remember this night all her life which leads me to hope you remember yours in Dublin's fair city too

  5. She's beautiful! And have a good time this weekend. You deserve it!

  6. What a natural beauty - Angel is the right name!

    Have a fantastic weekend, you deserve it more than anyone.

    Lucy x

  7. Glad it all went well. Your daughter is stunning.

    What happened when the ex in laws came round though? Sorry if a previous post covered this. Did you leave the airing cupboard door open and stand around admiring the towel piles while you sneakily plied them with alcohol?

    I assumed you were in America (although it probably says somewhere that you're not), as you'd mentioned debs, but obviously they do that in Ireland to. Actually I think they're doing it here too. Its all changed now since I was in school (getting old). Anyhow, back to my original point which was meant to be - I hope you have a fantastic night out in Dublin. Am sure you could do with it!

    And finally. Thanks for the cheery post! Will take a look at this reasons to be cheerful. Think it helps to try and find something positive to be happy about even on the really sh**e days. (Though I'm not always the best at doing that!) :D

    Have a good weekend. Xx

  8. Wow she looks beautiful in that picture!! You definitely have reasons this week to be cheerful with a new car too and a night out!!! how much more could you ask for? :)

  9. Beautiful daughter, fab car and a night out to look forward to. Enjoy it; you deserve a break.

    PS have given you a versatile blogger award, if you haven't already got one. If you already have one, then please accept my nomination as a thankyou.

    Deb x

  10. Angel is gorgeous!
    Very practical wheels if not the most glamourous ;-)

  11. @TheRamblingPages - yes you might well say I had it all this week lol. Seriously though here's hoping some lovely things happen for you too xx

    @Helen - a stag weekend? Not enough information!! I want to know who and what and why xx

    @Emma - me too!

    @Kate - I hope she'll always remember it too :)

    @Lizbeth - thank you, I mean to!

    @Lucy - thank you, that's a lovely thing to say x

    @LittleMamma - all went well with the ex-inlaws :) and lots of alcohol really helped! And definitely do take part in Reasons to be Cheerful , it always makes me feel better :)

    @Muminmeltdown - a calm aspie boy ... apart from that I have everything really :)

    @Deb - thank you, and thanks also for thinking of me for the award, I think I was nominated for it and really must get on with it, it's just i keep getting distracted x

    @Becky - aha you spotted that not glamourous nature of the wheels, and I do like a glamourous car. Once I'm sitting in it of course I can just pretend :)

  12. So pleased you found some pretty good reasons to be cheerful, enjoy the night out, you deserve to let your hair down and have fun xxx

  13. Not sure what debs are - but she looks gorgeous.
    Dublin is such a lovely city to spend time in - especially a night out. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  14. @Andra - Thanks hun xxx

    @1978rebecca - The Debs are a rite of passage at the end of secondary school when the entire year - plus partners - and some of the teachers go out for dinner and dancing and come back the next morning. It's an American tradition too.

  15. The stag weekend is Dave Johnson's - not sure if you ever met him. He is a jordy friend of Ian Renwicks. So the group is half jordy lads and half our lads - should be interesting. John hasn't had more than 3 bottles of beer in one go for a long time so I'm trying hard not to think about it - lol !!

    Still a few days with the boys will do him good. He's a bit short on male bonding nowadays. :)

  16. 1). She's beautiful! Must take after her Mum.

    2). I seriously do not understand the whine about a minivan. (You are not the only one I read.) I drove a minivan for 16 years. Functional. However, it is my mid-life-crisis car I love! Hybrid but feels like a sports car!

    3). Take a taxi home, eh?


  17. @Helen - I wonder are you going to blog about it :) I hope John has a great time and I agree about the male bonding, that's a problem for aspie boy as well as he lives in an all-female household ...

    @TherExtras - lovely to have you back here and thank you so much for your comments and the advice on the taxi :) Re the minivan, cars are a huge interest of mine ever since I was a child and I still get excited and say 'look at that!' to the kids, even though if I stopped for a second I would remember that cars leave them cold. I never lusted after high heels or designer handbags, only coup├ęs...

  18. Hi! Remember me! Angel looks gorgeous.Sounds like a great night out:) x

  19. She looks beautiful.

    "it" looks great!

    And I am sure you are looking fab tonight. Enjoy!

  20. She looks gorgeous!

    **woo** Hope you had fun hitting the town!! (On Friday the Hubs and I had our first night out in London since I got pregnant with our son in early 2007!!)

  21. @Mammy Dolittle - of course :) and thank you for remembering me and commenting x

    @Nan P - thank you :)

    @Marsupial Mama - I hope you had a great night out too, they're important aren't they?

  22. Plenty reasons to be cheerful there Blue Sky! Delighted to see Angel's fabulous photo again. Good look with the car and hope you had a ball last saturday night:-)

    xx Jazzy

  23. I"ve only just seen this in my reader - that picture of Angel is GORGEOUS!


    p.s Hope you had a great night on Saturday. Post?

  24. @Jazzygal - Thanks xx

    @SAHMlovingit - Thank you and yes I have a post half drafted....but will I get it finished? xx

  25. Go you! And your daughter truly is stunning! Wow! Hope you had a fabulous time out with the Autie mums :) xxx

  26. @Beadzoid - I know :))) She was happy too with the way she looked too, which was great :) And yes I really enjoyed getting out xxx