White winter, white summer..

I've rarely seen a day dawn so white and bleak and wintry.  Perfect for the white theme of this week's Gallery.  But who needs to see just another chilly photo?  I want to be reminded of sunny summer days.  I need something to look forward to.  So here is my back garden today and twelve years ago, with my little girl in her favourite white dress  Happy memories :D

I don't suppose she'll ever wear a dress like that again unless she gets married!


  1. @SeaThreePeeO - thanks for dropping in :)

    @anybody else - this entry is so not up to the professional standard of the others in this week's Gallery, BUT I got my scanner back working today for the first time in months and could not resist...

  2. Oh what a gorgeous lil lady! *sigh* I wish I'd had girls to dress in pretty things...