A Perfect Christmas

Everyone seems to blogging about Christmas, so if I don't, you might think I'm not a fan, right?  Well it's not my favourite day of the year, but I think it could be... and I know exactly how the day should go:

My perfect Christmas would not start too early.  7am would be just about right for an excited CD to come rushing in to wake me and show off all his Santa stuff, then after a quick mug of strong coffee, we help Smiley open hers.

Then Angel has to be woken for the maddest part of the day: the full-on assault on the Christmas presents under the tree.

This is our tree on December 19th.  BTW I have no say in its styling!

By the 25th, there is usually a big pile of presents and a mad frenzy follows with wrapping paper, labels, and ribbon flying across the room while I painstakingly try and slowly help Smiley to open her stuff.  As I have an aspie child in the house, there will be a candid assessment of each present, "I like this!" "I'm not wearing this" and so on.  Just as well there's only me and his sisters to hear.  We can work out something more tactful to put in the thank you letters later. 

I do like to go to Church on Christmas Day, even thought it means getting dressed up - ideally in new clothes if you are in Dublin - and making sure the kids have clean face and shiny shoes.  Yes everyone looks to see what everyone else is wearing, but it's just lovely to see all your neighbours and local friends on Christmas morning, and it's good for the kids.

Then I'd like some quiet time.  A couple of hours to clean up, play with the kids and make phone calls, and maybe even pop onto the internet, just to check if anyone else is around. 

The countdown to Christmas dinner would follow, the guests would arrive.  They could be any mixture of friends and family, I don't mind, so long as they plan to enjoy the day.  And I don't care what is on the menu for Christmas Dinner, so long as it is cooked by someone else.   In 48 years I have managed not to cook Christmas dinner and I have no wish to start now!  I'm happy to peel potatoes or make desserts, I just don't want to have to stage manage the whole production.

After dinner, I'd love a walk, no really!

In the evening, the kids would go to bed early and without arguing, so I can vegetate in front of the telly with a glass of something nice.

I wouldn't even mind a dusting of the white stuff as it's Christmas (and yes I mean snow). And the child in me would love a surprise: an unexpected visitor  perhaps.  As an adult what I crave more than anything is good news, and that's what I'd wish for all my friends, family and readers: some good news to end the year in a good way :D
In the meantime....

Happy Christmas!


  1. What a lovely post honey, wishing you lots of good things to come your way in 2011 - you certainly deserve them and after a year spent moving back into the home you belong in, getting CD into a school that is bringing out the best in him, seeing Angel grow into a lovely young woman, and continuing to make Smiley's life the best that it can be, I hope that 2011 gives you some moments to concentrate on yourself as well.....!!!

    Have a happy, happy Christmas and see you the other side of New Year!! xxx

  2. I love this post. Husband is preparing for our celebration tomorrow and I am showing no interest at all nor do I wish to offer any help. Anyway, hope you still Happy Christmas!

  3. I hope that you get at least some portion of that...Merry Christmas!

  4. I love the 'candid assessment' comment, funny and true!! I hope you get the day that way. Happy Christmas to you, Angel, Smiley and CD :) Hugs. Jen

  5. Really gorgeous post. I loved reading it. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy! XXX

  6. And a Merry Christmas from me and thanks for following my blog :)

  7. Much much love to you and yours xxxxxx

  8. Happy Christmas, I hope it's lovely :)

  9. Hope your xmas was everything you dreamed (but then realistically, let's just hope it is everything you could bear! :-)
    Merry xmas from Australia

  10. Oh, I do hope that some of your Christmas wishes came true! The 7am start didn't quite work out at our house unfortunately!

    Lovely post :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. How was Christmas? We woke up the day after with snow. My daughter loved it!

  12. Even though it's not your favorite day, I hope that it was nice for you and the kiddos. May you have a Happy New Year too!

  13. I hope that you got some of your wishes..:) Especially the good news and the walk..oh and the glass of wine and vegging out in front of the t.v...Oh I hope you got it all-and if you didn't, I hope it was even better than you wished for. Merry Christmas and a happy lovely good news filled New year to you and your family..:)

  14. Joining in the cumulative hopes that your day was very close to exactly this!

    "and yes I mean snow" was another sly funny!

    I'd like to give the present of "good news" but fear I can't conger something meaningful for someone so far from my familiar knowledge.

    Also enjoyed the description of everyone's looking at your clothes at church! Now that is familiar to my childhood! I fear we have all gone way too casual here now. Barbara

  15. Thanks for all your lovely comments - being careful (or paranoid according to Angel) - I didn't announce on-line that I was actually going to Wales with the kids to spend Christmas with my family. And some of my wishes did come true...

    I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas xxx