When I was young, I had lots of big dreams...

When I was six, I wanted to get married and have four children and live in a big beautiful house.
At eight, I wanted to run the country.

By the time I was ten, I wanted to be an author, or possibly a ballerina - this interest led to 20 years of bent toes.

When I was 12, I wanted to become an architect, and there's still a box full of my house designs somewhere to prove it.  But they weren't very original :(

At 14, I wanted a boyfriend...

From 16 to 20 I wanted to be a singer.  But I realised that Grade 6 singing and a girly voice does not automatically mean that you have the X Factor.

At 21 I joined a multi-national car manufacturer: Fired up by all the strong women at college, I got really ambitious and planned to scale the career ladder and run my own factory..

Fast forward a long time....today I am a carer, which was not in any of my dreams.  But wait..I had a successful career, I have been married, I have three wonderful children, and one of them likes my singing.  I run my own household in a house with an extension that I designed, and I have time to write.

So you could say that my dreams came true.  Did yours?


  1. Sounds like a good round up of dreams coming true to me!
    I wanted to be a vet when I was younger... then a marine biologist... then a psychologist.
    I think the latter is probably most like what I do now with the boys, majoring in child development. ;)

  2. Yes, they did, go you :)

    I would have to sit down and think what my dreams were, but whatever they were I am happy in myself and with my life so I wouldn't be too upset if they hadn't come true :)

    Hope Smiley is feeling better?


  3. A lovely post, Blue Sky. I'll just say 'yes' and leave it at that. And for both of us - I think we should keep dreaming. ;) Barbara

  4. Great post, love all your dreams.

    I wanted to be a vet - too long to study though and I hated school and then a medical examiner thanks to an American TV show called Quincy - then I realised that was all blood and gore so....

    I've done ok though, built a house, lived abroad, set up my own successful business and am now traveling with the man of my dreams and my furbabies.

    And you've forgotten the Capri you used to drive. That was a pretty groovy car back in the day!!! xx

  5. I am living a life unexpected-but I would not trade it for the world. I hope your Smiley is feeling better..:)

  6. I wanted to be a farmer. So I guess you could say yes, my dreams did come true!

    CJ xx

  7. aw great post! yes they did come true!

    I wanted to be an opera singer when I was five hehe still cracks me up thinking about it! later
    I wanted to be a wildlife photographer and then a translater. A most random collection of dreams:P I like the life unexpected :D xx

  8. Farming would be an ideal occupation especially out here in the Californian weather!

    Apropo of nothing in particular - a pal of mine out here wants a recipe for traditional Irish cookies [biscuits of course] and I wondered if you had any ideas?

    Meanwhile, Wednesday is a short day at school here so I'd better head off and collect everybody.

    p.s. something peculiar is happening with the letters in your post above - they keep blinking.

  9. @Marylin - yes I think I'm becoming a bit of psychologist myself :)

    @Jencull - would love to hear your dreams some day :)

    @Helen - Oh yes, my Capri, metallic blue with silver wings and Rostyle wheels...those were the days xx

    @kathleen - she is, thank you

    @Crystal Jigsaw - glad it worked out for you: my dd, Angel, wanted to be a farmer when she was little, not now tho'

    @lifeasweknowit - thanks for commenting and I'm glad your dreams came true

    @Maddy - the letters could be affected by the snow on my blog :) Will ask about recipe and get back to you

  10. That's so lovely. You are so positive.

    My dreams weren't as grand as yours but I did manage a few, still space for more though!


  11. Looks like you have always been very ambitious and now is no exception. Those are all great dreams and the one you are fulfilling now is the greatest of all!

  12. I wanted to be a ballerina, an archeologist and a psychotherapist, in that order. Considering my aversion to physical effort, just as well I didn't follow up on the first two. Studying psychology would have been handy though (although, as far as autism is concerned, I probably should get a honorary degree). The thing about dreams is that you can follow them up without it becoming a full time job - and without getting bored and disappointed. I think your approach is the best!

  13. @suburbia - thank you for dropping in, and I hope that more of your dreams come true.

    @Lora - I was a wee bit full of myself as a child...

    @Truf - A very good point: some things that people dream of can be a let-down if they do come true x

  14. What do you dream for your future?

  15. I LOVE this post. You have a great attitude.
    I remember wanting desperately to be a scientist when I was about 7 (one of the mad ones in Dr Who, I think). And I wonder why my son is autistic...XXX

  16. Aawh what a brilliat post :)

    I'm so glad your dreams came true xxx

    ps I hope Angel gets to enjoy the holidays without too much extra work xxx and glad to hear Smiley is feeling better xxx and glad your lovely boy enjoyed my elf dancing xxx

  17. @TherExtras - that's a very good question and something I really should think about!

    @Jean - I still love Dr Who, and my son has AS xxx

    @auntiegwen - xxxxxxx

  18. Yes - and am working on C's 8)
    Im sure his fingers are permanently in his ears cos of my singing!!!
    Heres to many more dreams in 2011.

  19. This is a great post, and now you have me thinking. Feck. I hate thinking. XXX

  20. @Casdok - good dreams in 2011 hopefully

    @Jean - look forward to reading the results of your thinking xxx

  21. OOh... a post I missed first time around! Love that!

    Sometimes our dreams are changed when life intervenes and it's only when we look back we see that while we may not have realised our original dreams, we have achieved unbelieveable things. Things we never thought we'de be able for.

    Hers's to changing dreams....may we all be proud ;-)

    xx Jazzy

    Well done Ms Hostess!

  22. The best post I have read in a long time. Shiort and to the point and yes very inspirational. Mich x

  23. I liked this. This will challenge me to view my life from a different perspective. For instance I wanted to be a famous sculptor. I have carried and given birth to 7 beautiful children, each a stunning work of art. : )

  24. My life is way different than I thought it would be, but I find that the dreams I had for myself were nowhere near as good as the ones that came true!

  25. I wanted to sing at the Met or be a museum curator. Neither happened, but it's not too late.

  26. I'm visiting from Blog gems and I LOVE this post! I have been thinking about how my dreams have changed over the years, especially now as I am a mother to three, including one on the spectrum. And you know what? Even though I never anticipated life ending up this way, I'm still fulfilling my dreams.

  27. @Jazzygal - delighted I found a post that you hadn't read xx

    @Michelle Twin Mum - your comment has blown me away xxx

    @One Rich Mother - that's a great perspective :)

    @Apples and Autobots - Even better!

    @Life as the mother of 4 - it's never too late.

    @Patty O - thank you and I'm very glad for you x

  28. Great post, I'm glad you reshared it.

  29. Ah I love this. What varied aspirations you had! My dream was to own a sweet shop then manage a hotel....kind of got both of those with a house full of kids who love sweets and treat this house like a hotel ;) x

  30. @liveotherwise @Suzanne Glad you both liked this :)