A day in the life: Angel

10.30 am: she appears downstairs, fully rested.

11 am: she makes waffles, and offers them to CD.  This is great because I'd been trying to persuade him to eat breakfast for 3 hours.  We chat.  No really, she still seems to like talking to me.

I leave to dig the car out of the snow and go to T*sco, leaving her in charge and chatting to Smiley.  Normally Smiley comes to the supermarket with me, but wheelchairs and ice do not mix!

12.30 pm: I return with the shopping and drop heavy hints about needing some help.

1.30 pm: Angel empties the dishwasher.

1.35 pm: She goes back on the laptop.

2 pm: She pulls on the wellies and heads out into the back lane.

2.15 pm: She comes back in and asks CD if he would like to come out and play.  Then she actually goes and finds his wellies for him :)

They go out to play in the snow....

2.45 pm: They dash back into the house scattering snow on the hunt for coal, buttons and carrots, I wonder why?

Ah ha!

3.15 pm: She's cleaning out and laying a fire.

3.30 pm: Studying in front of the fire with the laptop for company.

6.30 pm: A brief appearance in the kitchen for dinner.

7.30 pm: Her friend arrives.  The books are put away.

7.45 pm: They raid the fridge for the first time.

11.15 pm: Time for sleep.

So why am I boring you with all this?  Well, thanks to the disaster that is the Irish economy, Angel and one of her friends are now planning to go to Australia next September, along with 1 in 3 of her age group, as reported here.  If it happens, my little family will be broken up much earlier than I expected.  How will we manage without her energy and enthusiasm and affection?  We would all miss her terribly.  Is it selfish to say (not to her obviously) that I don't want her to go? 


  1. Oh I feel for you, when the eldest daughter isn't there on a daily basis she is missed, muchly xxx

  2. Oh I really feel for you, she lives up to her name Angel though, a real credit for you. It is not selfish at all, I dread when that time comes for mine. Hugs to you.

  3. Not selfish. Very typical in my book - letting a child go into adulthood is made more difficult by distance. We struggle with those feelings with both of ours (our youngest being just a little younger than Angel).

    She sounds like a lovely and loving young girl - helping in kitchen and with her younger siblings - not to be taken for granted!


  4. Ahhh.....not selfish at all. I still remember playing football with her in the street when she was a little munchkin, she was a lovely kid who has grown into a lovely young woman. Enjoy her while you have her then let her fly safe in the knowledge that you'll always be her home.

  5. She really is an angel. Not selfish of you at all, it would have been a big enough adjustment if she moved out of home to attend college next year, but going to the other side of the world is a whole different ballgame. No, not selfish at all. Big hugs. jen xx

  6. Like the other girls said, you are not selfish at all! I can only imagine how tough it will be for you to see Angel leave, it would break my heart! You are a great mum and I am sure that she will miss you just as bad.

  7. No...not selfish-because it isn't selfish that wants her to stay..it's love pure and simple. My heart hurts at the thought of it..look at it this way..a girl who does all that you described learned this from her mom..if she does go, she will be o.k. because of you. :)

  8. You've got snow! I miss European winter. And I'd imagine I wouldn't want my babies to go so far so young either.

  9. Australia is lovely (I should know)...but such a long way!! Take heart in the fact that we absolutely adore anyone with an irish accent :-) xxxCate

  10. There's nothing selfish about not wanting your daughter to emigrate. You love her, plain and simple. We raise our kids to be (hopefully) independent at some stage....it's just that it comes too damn quick XXX

  11. I hope she finds what she wants over there. But it will be a big adjustment for all of you if/when she goes. It's not selfish at all, just the natural divided feelings.

  12. I would feel exactly the same :( x

  13. Oh, how hard this must be for you! I'm with magnumlady, I'd feel EXACTLY the same! Just cherish, cherish, CHERISH the remaining time you have! Hugs!!

  14. @auntiegwen - I know you understand and I hope it's not too bad for you xxx

    @Una - I'm very proud of her :)

    @Barbara - that's it, I hoped she'd stay in Dublin

    @Helen - she says she remembers it too xx

    @jen - I know and I've never been there, it may as well be the moon!

    @muminsearch - that's it exactly

    @Cate - that is good to know

    @Jean - much too quick xxx

    @Madame - I hope so too

    @Magnumlady - thanks x

    @AFNM - cherish is a lovely word and just right, thanks for dropping in again