Why I didn't go 'naked'

Surely I can't be the only person who does not answer the door until the eye liner and slap are on?  Let alone show the world my naked face...

So I was very interested to hear from Jen about Bloggers without Makeup day over at Mummy Mayhem.

The idea was to post and tweet a make-up free photo of yourself on Friday 14th May.  It was a huge success with worldwide interest, and 180 people took part!  I was amazed that so many women would bare their faces on-line.  And I have to admit that they all look amazing :D Does this mean that they are truly grown-up confident women who are secure with themselves and their looks?  And is this a one-off, or do many women not wear make-up at all?

My make-up, hair and clothes are all designed to present a certain image to the world.  They are a crutch, I admit.  I have always believed that if you look vulnerable, people will take advantage of you. If you look confident, tough or well-groomed, they won't.

In my natural state, I am not a pretty sight: I have dry frizzy hair, a large nose and skin that goes red when the temperature changes.  That did not make life easy for me in school. But then two things happened: Grease hit the cinemas and all over the world teenage girls - including me - discovered the power of black.   In 1979, I found my role model: the fabulous Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.  Finally I knew who I wanted to be :)

I just love her image: it screams "don't mess with me, I am strong."  Just how I'd like the world to see me, even if I'm nothing like that really.  I've borrowed ideas from her over the years, and the way I look helps me to overcome my shyness and act confident and assertive.  

At work, I had a different image, and again, for me, going 'naked' was not an option.  Many of us wear make-up to work: in PR it was expected, and I was even told to wear more.  This did not refer to the black eyeliner lol. And I didn't try the Chrissie Hynde look at work either!  But I did try to look groomed, slapped on the foundation when I had time, wore the suits, sourced the accessories, all so I could pretend to be this together career woman.  And oddly, when you look like one, people think you are one, and you feel like one, so it all helps.  Currently this section of my wardrobe only gets dusted down for important appointments, but I still think I get results by 'dressing for success'.

In the blogosphere you can be whoever you want, and I haven't decided yet who I want to be, which is why my picture keeps changing, but then I keep changing too, so maybe that's okay.  

But I won't be showing the world my 'naked' face any time soon...would you?



  1. Absolutely brilliant post.
    I have a complicated relationship with make-up.
    I share your frizzy hair and problem skin...and I 100% agree that when I put it on and look in the mirror I think "wow! Looking good!". So if I'm going out to coffee with my husband, or meeting friends, or just sticking my nose past the front door I whip out my bag of tricks.
    But when I know I'm going to be at home all day, only venturing out on the school runs, I never put it on...and I hate to admit it but I just don't see the point. It would be like another job to squeeze in...and I'd have to remember to clean it off before collapsing into be that night.
    So I guess I use it when I get to enjoy using it, if that makes any sense.
    Really enjoyed this post .

  2. I used to not be able to leave the house without makeup (as said on my list of 15!) but since having the girls, I suppose it's just slipped way down the list of priorities. I suppose that since I've stepped out of my previous life and into my new one, I've been changing a lot of my old ideas and questioning a lot of my previously held beliefs. I guess you could say I've been learning more about myself both as a mother and as a woman (that sounds so cringey but I can't think of a more honest way to put it!) and slowly have become way more comfortable with all that encompasses. I don't think of it as letting myself go, more like I'm just letting myself be. Now I'm going to shut up before I make myself look even more like an ass! For the record, I do like to slap some on every now and again, but it's no longer something I feel I HAVE to do in order to be "enough." If that makes any sense at all!

  3. Good post hun, I'm afraid I subject my 'naked' face to the world all the time, lol. With my job its just not practical to wear the slap and I rarely bother the rest of the time either. I have a very small bag of makeup nowadays all carefully chosen with the least amount of chemicals and baddies for my skin in it but to be honest when I do get around to putting it on I actually feel really self conscious in it and can't wait to scrub it off again. Since being on a raw food diet my skin has improved heaps and so I don't really mind showing it off.

  4. Thanks for the mention, which kind of negates my comment because I took part. It was easy for me though, I probably haven't worn make-up for about oh, 12 years or so. I was never into it and wore it for special occasions. Pure laziness on my part though, like Jean said, it is another job to fit in :) I actually have that photo up on my blog again today lol, I really only have the one recent photo that I like, I don't look exhausted in it! Jen.

  5. I don't think I could go naked either on a blog. Although the PACUB pics on my blog (the one in the rain in TV3) my makeup had been washed away in the wind and the rain that stormy evening! I have been wearing makeup since pretty young and have this habit of putting it on. I feel better with it on. I can leave the house without the whole applique but at v.least will flip my eyelids with mascara to look more awake. Even if there is a pillow mark on the side of my face and a gum shield still in my mouth!

  6. Funny some of you stopped wearing make-up recently - i am just starting, and the lack of experience shows! Until recently make up for me was moisturizer and lipstick, +mascara for weddings. But one gets to certain age, one looks in the mirror in the morning and sees something dusty and slept-in, and one thinks "maybe this is what foundation and concealer are for?" But my, is it hard work!

  7. An interesting read here - comments too!

    The reason I decided in the first place to start the whole 'Bloggers Without Makeup' thing is because I felt that I wasn't presenting the 'real me' to the blogosphere and Twitterland. It didn't sit comfortably with me. The pictures I posted of myself were flattering. I was showing my "better side", I had cropped them to not show the big pile of ironing behind me, I had make up on, hiding the (like you) redness on my face, I took about 6 photos before I got one I liked!

    At the end of the day, it's quite exhausting trying to 'look right' all the time. I started to question why I was doing it? My husband, my parents, my kids, my sister, my friends don't think any less of me if I'm not wearing makeup. So why can't I be happy with myself if the people I love the most in this world think I'm great as I am?

    It wasn't an anti-makeup campaign (and I'm not suggesting you think that - just stating a fact) - I think, like you wrote above, make up can be used to make you feel good. Make you feel confident! The point was just to say, it's ok to wear makeup, but it's also ok just to be yourself.

    Confidence can come in many forms. For example, I am small breasted. I'm conscious of that. Then I look at someone like Kate Hudson, who wears clothes without bras etc, and she's so confident and looks great! Confidence comes from within. Not from a makeup jar.

    The whole thing was liberating for me, and I received numerous messages and comments from fellow bloggers who felt the same way. The encouragement and support of everyone was so beautiful! Every post I opened, there were comments from people telling that person how great they looked. It made people feel good about themselves.

    It's definitely a personal choice - but I hope I can convince you to join in next year! I guarantee you, you may feel a little fear at first (I certainly did before I finally pushed that 'publish' button), but I doubt you'll regret it in the end.

    Great post. Thanks for the good read. :) x

  8. Jean, Irish Mammy and Mammydiaries: I think you're in my corner!

    Helen: You're a fantastic ad for your amazingly healthy life choices :)

    Jen: You are so not lazy, and your picture is lovely x

    Truf: Thanks for commenting again - and hope makeup makes you feel good.

    Jodie: Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I think your initiative was inspired, and I'm really looking forward to following it next year, not sure if I'll take part tho'....

  9. Everyday is no-make-up day for me, and it is true in the photo on my blog. Only for about 5 years - so Jen has me beat. And I used to do the daily routine, too. Only on rare occasions now.

    I admire a well-made-up face. I wonder how they find the time. Not to worry - each to her own.


  10. hehehe, this still gives me a giggle, and yes, I have done it again since when I posted my mad haircut :D Jen

  11. I love the fact that you have a 'look'! I'm 'naked' a lot of the time, so it was no real biggie for me. Though walking to school naked and posting a photo on the internet naked did feel like two different things. As you say, we like to present ourselves in a certain way.

    Thanks so much for rewinding at the Fibro today.

  12. Great post, have loved reading the comments as well. I arrived on the blogging scene after the naked episode. I find the older I get the less make-up I wear, and my blog pic was taken by my daughter on a lazy Sunday night at the dinner table (no make-up). Having said that, if I knew I had something special on THERE IS NO WAY I COULD GO WITHOUT MAKEUP! Great post, really enjoyed it. I'm your latest follower, come and see our Shamozal sometime at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle. Kirsty (Shamozal)

  13. You have a 'look'... that's so cool. I'm rarely in makeup these days. I guess back in the day my 'look' was a bit of a corporate, groomed up and comer. These days I'm happy in my own skin.

    I think it's fine that you don't want to go naked. Whenever you're ready... x

  14. @Therextras - thanks for your comment

    @Jen - thanks for commenting again, you're very good :)

    @LIAPF - thanks for visiting, loved to opportunity to recycle this

    @Shamozal- I will pop over again, thanks so much for visiting

    @Maxabella - I never did master the groomed look sadly, but was always very impressed by women who did.

  15. Really interesting. Although there is no chance of seeing me without my slap on. It is my mask that allows me to take on the world

  16. I missed this one! Nope-I don't leave the house..or at least I try not to leave the house without some sort of face armor on! True though, if you look the part-people believe you...

  17. @theaandnatesman - exactly!

    @kathleen - of course with our kids you sometimes have to run after them before you're ready...