100 Irish Words for Rain

I was very aware of the rain while my Australian relatives were in Ireland. I was afraid they would hate it, but actually I think it was a novelty for them. But they weren't completely prepared for it, which is how Uncle and Niece ended up each buying a hat from a stall in Grafton Street. And since rain is such a major part of our lives, I was wondering why we don't have more words for rain - like the 100 words the Inuit are supposed to have for different types of snow. Of course maybe there are as Gaeilge.

Anyway here are some of the different types I've thought of so far:

Soft rain - so light it falls up as well as down. So no escape

Light rain - catches you unawares and causes bad hair day before you notice

Rain - MOR rain that can be kept at bay with an umbrella or a raincoat

Heavy Rain - serious waterprooofs needed for this

Driving Rain - best stay indoors as umbrellas will blow inside out and the water will seep through everything

Then there is thunder, lightening, hail, snow and rainbows that all add to the mix.

Anything else I've forgotten?


  1. Lovely pic!! some I've heard - "It's a soft day", "it's pelting", "it's bucketing", "it's teaming", "it's pi**ing down", "the sky has opened", "it's raining cats and dogs", "it's a great day for the ducks"..."get the ark ready" etc
    As Gaelige - "Tá sé ag cur baiste"
    Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2010
    - Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit,
    Treasa xx

  2. Brilliant. You should add "wet rain" to the list too, you know the type, it penetrates to the underwear almost instantly lol xx

  3. Unfortunately the only other words/phrases I cn think of are slightly rude!!


  4. Ah, I really don't miss all those types of rain, the only type we get here is "Oh my god, what is that wet stuff falling from the sky" !

  5. Lashing, bucketing, thundery, we will have to meet up for more coffee and I will give you an intro to more 'rain' words :D Jen

  6. @Michelle - sometimes :(

    @Jazzy - Ooh do share xx

    @Emma - he he!

    @jencull - remind me at our next coffee meet up

  7. Hi
    Just seen this. I grew up in Dublin and we used to say the rain came down 'in stair rods'. Heard that one?!

    K xx

  8. @Keshling - Thanks for that one, yes I have heard it, good to add it to the collection :) xx